Want to lean your deck team operations?

Develop highly effective ISM / ISPS crew!

  • Grow commitment and client fidelity.
  • Enhace Safety and ensure Quality Operations Management.
  • Service and excellence driven.

Striving to get on board committed and responsible crew?

So you’ve tried several paid agencies around Antibes, Monaco, and Fort Lauderlade. Although you’ve seen some results, they’re just not substantial or consistent enough. It’s like a hit-and-miss: some short contracts it works, other days they don’t and you just can’t figure out why.

The truth is there’s no silver bullet or magic formula to run a successful crew. The seamanship and yachting industry is constantly changing with new regulations, yacht sizes and updates that are happening fast. It’s just hard to keep up as you manage other critical responsibilities like yacht management, business development, operations, budgets, general marketing, etc.

But perhaps right now what you really need in order to accelerate your business growth is to “partner up” with a Junior Operations Manager.

Someone who’s up-to-date with Personal Growth, Coaching, KPI´s performance, PNL, Project Management and who has the extensive and hands-on experience from years of launching successful projects. Someone who can engineer, automate, and scale the current results you’ve had with your current ship crews.

Perhaps someone like me?