Know your slang, be professional, be cool!

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«The question is not who is going to let me; it is who is going to stop me» Ayn Rand

Ladies and gents! You have already set your professional bow and course to the Mediterranean Sea! Visualize that! Imagine yourself standing on the bridge wing, sun is shinning and a gentle breeze waving your hair :-) go for it!

After a few months on board on my very first contract on a yacht I decided to get as much as yachties vocabulary. Surfed and searched the web for this treasured info. Found many Nautical Institute publications available on .pdf and you can also «pay as you go» E-NP UKHO Nautical Publicactions. But then I found a great dictionary that would gave me a quick overview on sailing terms and vocabulary «Diccionario Maritimo Cuatrilingue» or «Four Languages Maritime Dictionary».

Diccionario Maritimo DVE
Recommended pocket dictionary – Diccionario Marítimo cuatrilingue. 4 Language Maritime Dictionary.

Specially when sailing on SOF (Southern Coast of France), as your next ports of call will be in the Mediterranean Sea, mostly from June to Septemeber you will be surrounded by many french, spanish, italian and english speaking collegues. Its good to be familiar with these slang in various languages. You will make the difference.

A few things to keep in mind. Even if you have your OOW ticket its probably that you will have to start as Deckhand in order to earn one’s place in the job. Better to get familiar with deckies vocabulary. Take your time to learn the basics and then jump to an OOW position.

My recommendation is to get your own pocket note book, cadets habits are good ;-) make yourself kind of diary. Write down new vocabulary you learn each day. Be sharp taking notes about daily routines, equipment and their locations, inventories, tasks performed during that day. These baby steps will impact on your unlimited potential ;-)

Surf the web – Navigator .pdf magazine version and other Nautical Institute Publications. UKHO E-NP Publications.

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