Doesn’t take much to make a difference… excel on your deck routines ;-)

As many other merchant vessels routine, on board yachts Deck Crew will report to the First Officer or Bosun at the start of each working day. In turn they will then delegate the duties in accordance with ships movements and works lists (daily, weekly and monthly planning). Your deck team needs you to stay focused, diligent, prompt and sharp. They will ask to maximize your time performing your daily routine as new tasks we will be introduced by Bosun such as sanding, varnishing and painting, LSA, FFE checks etc.

When on «daily routine», you will go all throught all exteriors from top decks (fly bridge/monckey island/jacuzzi deck) to main deck.

«Daily Routine»: Get a two gallons of water bucket and include a cup of white vinegard in it. When filling up with water, we dont want a water spill on teak deck; avoid watermarks ;-) You will also need to get a shammy (absorver – synthetic chamois) and a telescopic reggae mitt or boat mop for fiberglass areas on deck.

DAILY ROUTINES. DRY – Move the coursor on top of the pic to check the vocabulary.

Water with vinegard works pretty well on stainless and for general cleaning purpose including windows glass, it dries very fast without watermarks.

The main intention is to get all the surfaces cleaned and dry. These include stainless stairscase railings, jacuzzy fittings, stainless and wooden rails. Have special attention at the bridge wings while cleaning on both sides thrusters and engines controls console.

By end of workweek , generally Friday or Saturdays, depending on weather conditions a full wash down is to be completed including the waterline and hull. All tenders and toys are to be runned, flushed, engines are to be checked, fulled and lubricated. Windows and scuppers to be detailed in preparation for the weekend.

«Weekly routine»: These time you will get a few buckets with water and «shampoo» (CLINAZUR 205W – Wash & Wax Shampoo), and streak remover for grease and black marks (CINAZUR 80NF Black, streaks remover). A telescopic soft brush, water hoses, telescopic scrubb pad (3M Doodlebug). wool wash mitt and absorber.

WEEKLY ROUTINE – WASHING DOWN – Move the coursor on top of the pic to check the vocabulary.

I do advice to follow a simple plan. Average time it takes to do a good conciously job on a 65mts yacht it is around 35 minutes per deck.

First, you should rinse your entire top deck with a fine water spray to get everything wet. The reason is that it takes a minute or two in order to dry salt crystals and dissolve completely. Not only do you rinse the outside, but also the inside and bottom side of the top.

After you wet everything, give it a few minutes for salt crystals to dissolve. Then come back and hose it down thoroughly. You should start washing with water and shampoo from top decks, stainless stairs and rails, fiber deck and the ceilings. You can use soft brush, wool mitts for these surfaces. Then you will continue with the side hulls and finally with the deck floor.

Pay special attention to get all salt off of things like winches, radar scanners and other such expensive components.

For the final rinse, start from the top down, doing the hull sides and deck floors last same as washing. This will help prevent water streaking at those points where water runs down from the superstructure, finally rinsing the hull sides and deck floor last.

If you have a tender, don’t forget to do the engines, including the undersides of the mount brackets. I do this after tilting the motors up. As for seat cushions, I recommend that you stand them on their sides or edges, zipper side down, and lightly rinse those down. And by the way, this is also the best way to store them so that they don’t hold water and start to rot. Stand them up on edge and leave them that way in a protected place. Do this and they’ll probably last twice as long.

I’m not going to suggest that you chamois down the whole boat, though some people do. But you should at least do the windows to avoid permanent water drops spotting. I would always chamois down the helm area and most all plastics and bright metals.

Talk with your guys on board, share your knowledge. Sharing is caring! Share your light :-)

Hope you enjoyed the reading and that you find it useful.

Have a nice week!


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