T/T «Wedge Too». Training in Mahon, Menorca.


It all started around mid August 2016, my contract with DOF Management was over. I was on holidays, planning to move for a few months to Bali, Indonesia. After a little more planning things work out the other way, I decided to stay in Europe visiting a friend of mine who I worked with in the Navy.

I stayed in Nice for almost a month. Great ambience, cool people and beautiful landscapes distinguished Southern France from all. I was surprised and intrigered by these beautiful yachts I was close to at only a block from the apartment we were living in.

The Season was about to be over and I was looking for a flat in Cap D`Ail. «Couchsurfing» be blessed; a great and compassioned lady rented me a room on her flat. It was a beautiful atellier, she was my host was a well known jelewrist (check her Instagram…). I was really lucky living on her flat with his dog mate Lucien :-)  Lucien and I we used to walk by the coastline and enjoyed great sunset moments.

For my surprise she was dating an argentinean Captain. She introduced me to him and he started to show me how was the yachtie business runned. He teached me to do the cleaninng shummy, «bionda», products, yachts english vocabulary. After a week tailored me on these totally different skill assets. Still many things to be learned, but then confident and happy to accept new challenges.

Then magic happened, argiland Captain recommend me to «MY Wedge Too» Captain.

He screened my CV on a Friday and on the next Sunday 0600AM I was by dockside standing for instructions.

What it was to be a 3 days delivery from Monaco to Barcelona, became a 3 months contract.

I learned and reviewed many seaman activities such as varnishing, painting, cleaning materials. A new hole perspective on seamanship was brought up to me in this kind of vessels.


Ports of Call: Port Hercule, MONACO – Port Vell Barcelona, SPAIN.

Assisting during a delivery to shipyard at MB92 in Barcelona. Dry dock daily activities, designing guidelines for Safety. Tender and toy ops. Voyage Planning and Navigational Equipment monitoring and maintenance. Deck Maintenance, teak varnishing and oiling. Tank and enclosed space cleaning and painting.


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